A Long Day's Journey Into Night

I knew nothing about this play (other than being familiar with the title) until we went to see it. A highly recommended very depressing intelligent drama. The family is extremely well written and each of them expresses themselves so clearly and so intelligently. They are all very damaged. Not entertaining, but enlightening, and searingly uncompromising. The father of the family (James Tyrone) played by David Suchet with great insight. Not completely sold out, so if you are interested - go see it!


Listening to a preview of the new Gliss album - “Langsom Dans”

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Great sounds and performances. Sad and beautiful songs. I would love to have mixed this one too. (I had the pleasure of mixing Devotion Implosion). It says on the streaming page “
The best description of the band is late night fucked up art pop” and that is a good description I feel.

Krapps Last Tape

Krapps Last Tape - Michael Gambon at the Duchess Theatre. Riveting, bitter and amusing. Getting old is not for softies.

Le Mystere de Voix Bulgeres

Le Mystère de Voix Bulgères at the QEH. Wonderful concert. We were right t the back but felt very close. Touched. Never experienced this sound live before and was mesmerised. Loved it. Nice short pieces too. Easy Listening?

Red Road

Red Road. Great piece of work. Set in Glasgow. Low Budget. Very effective.