Damien Hirst Retrospective

I have an admission to make - before this exhibition I thought of Mr. Hirst as a bit of a charlatan, obsessed by money etc etc. To my shame. I came out of the exhibition with a light bulb (1000W) going off in my head. I felt I “got it” somehow. A great artist. Highly recommended. (Not everyone will agree)

Anthony Gormley Studio Visit

I want to mention the wonderful visit we had to Antony Gormley's studio in the region north of King's Cross. I was privileged to be invited with a group of people from Trinity College to an open evening at the studio.

First impressions were awe-inspiring. The size of the forecourt itself was very impressive. It immediately made me think of trucks pulling in pickup the huge pieces creates, or parts of those pieces.

The e-mail invitation suggested that the event would be crowded and so I didn't go on my collapsible bicycle, imagining that would not be room for it in the studio. Ridiculous. The studio was huge. Huge.At least three stories high it seemed, and there was a large selection of works and sketches hanging from the ceiling as well as massive incomplete works scattered about the floor. This was all wonderful.

Even more wonderful of course was hearing Mr Gormley speak intelligently and inspirationally and kindly for an hour about life and art and philosophy. I came away inspired and feeling indebted to be in the presence of such intelligent creativity.

As a creator of large three-dimensional pieces he was extremely interested in the technical details of mass and dimension. And, of course, he's very focused on the body. His body. He spoke clearly about how the inspiration for each piece was his body, and that became apparent as he used the different pieces in the studio to illustrate his thesis. Also he was very keen to stress the valuable input he gets from eth rest of his 18 person team.

Wonderfully (and he's probably said this before) he pointed out that much of his work involves taking a line for a walk (Paul Klee) in three dimensions.

Genius. I was very impressed.

David Hockney - A Bigger Picture

This exhibition at the Royal Academy is incredibly crowded, but still well worth catching. The Scale! And Size! The Colours! The Amount of Pictures!
It is all very full on, but some wonderful stuff. I particularly loved the photo-collages from the 80s and his Charcoal Drawings from Yorkshire.
Wow - this guy is REALLY PROLIFIC. Perhaps he needs an editor? OK he filled the galleries, but somehow overwhelming, and perhaps the exhibition suffers because of that.
And way too many people

Postmodern Exhibition

At the V&A - managed to catch it twice before it closed and found it most interesting. Also bought Double Vinyl of tunes from the period (and double CD of different tunes)


Big and Bold and Entertaining. The room with the audiovisuals and the Triptych was esp. enjoyable.

Gerhard Richter

I knew almost nothing about or by this artist until I went to the retrospective. Great exhibition for someone like me. Hugely impressed.

Mike Kelley and Michael Smith

Another exhibition that I visited in my few hours at the Baltic. Recorded some great samples in the exhibition and in the stairway.

Turner Prize 2011

At the Baltic in Newcastle. My first visit to this space. Great atmosphere and a nice lunch on the top floor (though it was a bit salty)

Van Doesburg

Van Doesburg at Tate Modern. For me, amazing! Definitely going again. Inspirational.