I am a huge Ridley Scott fan, but was disappointed. Immediately irritated by anti-Darwinian conceit. Movie looks great but was ultimately disappointing for me - it felt like a 5 hour movie squashed into 2 hours. I suppose that means I will buy the Director’s Cut.

The Hunger Games

I found this movie deeply upsetting.

Entertainment based on this idea: Children killing each other. On a game show.

What kind of a statement about our society is that?

Horrified. Really.

Young Adult

I went to see "Young Adult" at the Aubin cinema in Redchurch Street. This is a small 45 seater which I've not been to before. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I heard about the movie initially on the Guardian's film weekly podcast, and the guys were really into it. Perhaps I'm missing something. I quite enjoyed it, but it hardly made me laugh and I didn't really care about any of the characters (again) so the film was kind of wasted on me. Still, it got me out of the house and it kept me off the street, so it had some value.

I particularly enjoyed the journey there and back listening to Ricardo Villa-Lobos and Max Loderbauer's remix album "re: ECM" which made a wonderful soundtrack to Saturday night on the Northern line to Shoreditch and the return journey on the overground. It was my first time at Shoreditch High Street station.