Mini RBMA Italy

Or, to give it its full title, Red Bull Music Academy BassCamp Italy.

Some pics I took

I was invited as a "guest lecturer" to this mini Academy and was delighted to accept. The guest lectures at the Academy that I've been involved in are essentially a chat on the couch with a really nice supportive and well-informed person about music and my career. Then a question and answer session. This makes it fun, and relaxed, and easy to do. So of course I was delighted to accept.

I had such a great time at the Academy in Madrid last year that I asked the Italians if I could stay for the whole weekend to hang out, and to hear the other guest lecturers (Patrick Pulsinger and Morgan Geist) and, to meet up again with Tiger and Woods who I first met at a Red Bull event in Berlin, where I was blown away by their performance skills. They were gracious enough to put me up for the whole weekend and I had a great time.

The collective energy of the group is something remarkable and a wonderful positive energy feedback arises with lots of mutual inspiration and some great collaborations.

I hope I offer something to this collective energy. I know I take away a great deal from it. I know it helps me to raise my game, it refreshes me creatively, it restoreth my soul.

So a very big thank you to all the participants and the Red Bull Italy culture team Francesca, Laura, Damien and to Damir who was my kindly host, and who made my chat on the couch so enjoyable and relaxed.

I have had a few different projects with the Red Bull music team over the last couple of years, and each one has been fantastic in its own way. The whole thing always seems to be all about the music, full of music lovers, musicians, DJs, producers and incredibly knowledgeable music fans. Wonderful.

I wish all applicants the best of luck for the Academy in New York later on this year.