Pop Life

So good I had to go back.

Pop Life

Pop Life at Tate Modern. Brilliant overload of sound and light and colour (and sex)

Turner and the Masters

Turner and the Masters at the Tate Britain - a great and clever exhibition, with influences and companion pieces all hung side by side. I loved “The Snow Storm”

Turner Prize

Enjoyed the Turner Prize finalists. The Lucy Skaer “Black Alphabet”, the gold leaf by Richard Wright and the pulverised Jet Engine by Roger Hiorns

Ed Ruscha

Really enjoyed the “50 years of Painting” exhibition at the Hayward. Lots of smiling going on.


Once again I spent some quality time at the MS2 Gallery in Łódż. A stunning building, a great hang.


I was very happy to be allowed to take some pictures. Here they are.

Pastels Today

Pastels Today
Mall Gallery

Bought a pastel by Moira Huntley

Annette Messager

Annette Messager - The Messengers
Hayward Gallery

Rodchenko and Popova

Rodchenko and Popova - Defining Constructivism.
Tate Modern.

The Russian Linesman

The Russian Linesman curated by Mark Wallinger.
Hayward Gallery